Race Info

18th Annual Dakota Five-0
September 2, 2018
Spearfish, SD

*WARNING: THIS IS A MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE, if you are not fit, have health issues, or are not an avid/advanced rider of technical singletrack, I would suggest you try another race. 


The Dakota Five-O, lollie-pop loop, begins in Spearfish City Park with a mass, neutral roll out, and leaves town to the west up Tinton Road. The three miles of gravel road climbing will give the fast guys a chance to vie for position, before funneling onto the twisty, smooth, Tinton Trail single-track. For the next few miles passing is tight, and it could get a little congested, but keep your cool and don’t get too antsy, as there is plenty of riding ahead!  At the "loop" at mile 7 we decided to ride the course in opposite directions from year to year, to keep things fresh!  Read below for a full description of each year's course to see what you are in for!

Even Years we will be riding the course clockwise, so at approximatly mile 7, at the course split,  you will make your way down into a gully we call Twin Bridges, and will eventually make your way to the first aid station, at about mile 11, at Big Hill Trailhead.  After fueling up, you will be riding the Big Hill Trail system which consists of a little single track, mixed with two track, along with possible bovine sightings (as well as their droppings)...this is South Dakota!! The Big Hill Trail system will dump you out onto Iron Creek drainage road, which will then take you to the double track of lower Cardiac Climb.  The burliest climb on Cardiac will then spit you out on some nice, mellow single track along the rim of Spearfish canyon we call Recovery Ridge. It may seem like a long haul but eventually you’ll see the crowds waiting and cheering for you at the second aid station, at approximately 21 miles in, at Old Baldy Trailhead. Relax, stretch, and continue on through the Old Baldy trail system which ends with a fun, 1 mile piece of trail called Crangle Connection.  From here you'll head up Taco Alley and cross Beaver Creek road at sheep flats, approximately 27 miles into the race. Are you tired yet?  Making your way up a short climb called Sheep Steeps, you'll ride another 8 miles of mostly two track snowmoblie trail, to the last aid station at mile 32 known as Ball Park or Higgins Gulch.  Beware of the bear of a climb ahead! And don't forget to stop at the Bacon Station for your official on course PBR stop...(don't ask for water), and some nice greasy bacon!! Now you're ready for the all new, hand built single-track of Dakota Ridge, that takes you along the eastern ridge near citadel rock, to some spectacular views of Crow Peak, and back out onto forest service road. Finally you will climb, climb, climb back out and onto your last 10 miles of single track, that take you back down Tinton trail, and back down into Spearfish City Park, where music, food, and a cold brew is waiting with your name on it! Stick around until the 4:00 awards ceremony followed by a raffle for many great prizes from our sponsors!

Aid Station 1 Big Hill-at mile 10,   Aid Station 2 Old Baldy-at mile 21:Cut off time of 1:00pm.   Aid Station 3 Higgins Gulch- at mile 32,   Bacon Station- at mile 34.5.

Dakota Five-0 Map Regular


Odd years we will be riding the course counterclockwise, so at the course split at mile 7, you will make your way over to a crossing of Tinton Rd, and will then have a few miles of double track to get yourself into position before dropping down the K-Nectar trail and down a fast Forest Service dirt road. This road is fast and can have large ruts from trucks driving on it when muddy, so be very careful on this descent.  After the descending you will have the most challenging single track climb of the course, Dakota Ridge.  After toping out you will ride more singletrack, before dropping down into the Ballpark or Higgins Gulch, and your first aid station at mile 15.  From here you will cross over Higgins Gulch Road and ride the gravel for a short stretch to a short steep climb to the right, which will take you to the single track of Stadium Ridge.  After this comes a somewhat long 4 mile stretch of two track, FS road, gravel, then snowmobile trail.  Use this time to catch your breath and prepare for the fun ahead.  At mile 20 you will drop down into Sheep Flats and will then navigate your way through Taco Alley, and then through some fun single track at Old Baldy.  This section will take you to the 2nd aid station at Old Baldy Trailhead, at mile 26.  From here you will make your way over to Recovery Ridge, which has some beautiful views of Spearfish Canyon if you take the time to look up!  You will then descend down Cardiac Climb, and across Iron Creek drainage, where you will find the 3rd Aid Station at mile 32.  Next you will climb up some two track, into the Big Hill Trail system, and will end up at the Bacon Station at mile 37.  It's all downhill from here 'yeah right', as you make your way down Twin Bridges, and down Tinton Trail, back to the Spearfish City Park, where music, food, and a cold brew is waiting with your name on it! Stick around until the 4:30 awards ceremony followed by a raffle for many great prizes from our sponsors.

Aid Station 1 Higgins Gulch-at mile 14.5,  Aid Station 2 Old Baldy-at mile 26: Cut Off Time of 1:30pmAid Station 3 Iron Creek Drainage-at mile 32.5 ,  Bacon Station- at mile 37

Dakota Five-O Map Reverse


-19 and Under male and female
- Men's 20 to 29     
- Women's 20 to 29       
- Men's 30 to 39                          
- Women's 30 to 39                
- Men's 40 to 49               
- Women's 40 to 49   
- Men's 50 to 59     
- Women's 50 to 59
- Men's 60 and Over     
- Women's 60 and Over                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

- Mens Single Speed

- Womens Single Speed
- Tandem

- Take I-90 toward Spearfish
- Take Exit 12 off of I 90 onto Jackson Blvd
- Turn left at N Canyon St
- To Spearfish City Park


  • Friday Night Fiv-0 Pre Party: Join us on the Corner of Grant and Main Street for live music, food and beer.  Strider Bike race starts at 6pm (registration at 5:30pm) and a slow bike race at 7pm.
  • Saturday Race Packet Pickup: 12 noon to 6pm at City Park Pavillion, ID required.  You may pick up another riders  race packet, as long as they have signed the waiver which may be printed off HERE. There will be an emergency only pick up on Sunday morning between 6-6:30 am for any rider that is unable to pick up their race packet on Saturday.  If you need to do an emergency packet pick up please contact Kristi Jewett at kj@kristijewett.com. If you do not contact Kristi Jewett you will not have a packet available to pick up!
  • Saturday Evening Pasta Feed and Rider social: Hosted at Pavillion.   Buffalo Bolegnese and vegetarian spaghetti brought to you by the bike co-op, cycle farm and good earth.  $10 a plate, all proceeds go to Hills Horizon and the bike co-op!
  • Sunday Morning Race start: Rider Meeting at 6:45am In Spearfish City Park.  Start times at 7:00am Wave 1, 7:10am Wave 2, 7:20am Wave3, 7:30am Wave 4
  • Sunday Free lunch for racers:  provided by Barbacoas and Bay Leaf Cafe, to begin at 11am at Spearfish City Park.  Plates will be sold to non-racers
  • Sunday Free Brews for racers:  provided by Crow Peak Brewery starting sometime around noon at Spearfish City Park.  Beers will be sold to non-racers
  • Sunday Music starts early afternoon in Spearfish City Park
  • Sunday Awards Ceremony to begin at 4:30 pm in Spearfish City Park
  • Sunday Evening After Party:  Hosted at Killian's Tavern beginning at 6pm. A Crow Peak Grizzly cooler will be raffled off at 10pm.  Get 1 ticket for every Crow Peak beer purchased(you can start buying beers for tickets on Aug. 26th.  Live music, a great menu selection, and a wide variety of drink choices,  makes for a great way to finish off a perfect weekend!

Pedal Power,

Perry Jewett, member
Ridge Riders of the Black Hills, LLC