Dakota Five-0 History

How did this annual race start and why?

In 2000, Perry Jewett attended and raced the Laramie Enduro in Wyoming.  After doing the race and returning to his homeland of Spearfish SD, he began pondering the idea of hosting his own 'endurance' MTB race. 

As a forest service employee he had access to maps and there was a route that he had heard that the FS wanted to turn into a trail system, but lacked the funding to do so.  With this 'route' as a blueprint, Perry began scouring the maps and linked together several existing trails, with forest roads and the knowledge that much new trail needed to be built to link this all up.  After hundreds of man hours of building new trail, clearing out and cleaning existing trail, and securing a permit from the FS the race was ready to take place and the Dakota Five-O was born. 

The first annual event took place in 2001 with 81 riders toeing the line, and would continue to grow every year thereafter.  Changes have been made over the years, with more singletrack being built, more aid stations added, and many more riders attending the race.  Currently the Dakota Five-O generally sells out in under 2 hours with 600 riders, and has become one of the top races in the nation. 

With the help of many amazing volunteers over the years, great support from the local community, and some awesome industry support and sponsorship, the Five-O continues to evolve into a MTB race that riders come from across the nation to enjoy. 

Thanks to all of the cyclists who continue to support the race, and for every new racer that ventures this way, we wish you all a great day on the bike and Pedal Power!